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  • Seeking Chiropractic Care for an Auto Accident Injury
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Seeking Chiropractic Care for an Auto Accident Injury

How Chiropractic Care Can Help After an Auto Injury

If you were recently in an auto accident, get yourself checked out by our chiropractor serving Stillwater, MN. Chiropractic care is essential to working on healing any lingering injuries and restoring your wellness safely. 

Common Types of Car Accident Injuries in Stillwater, MN

Symptoms like Neck pain, back pain, and whiplash are the three most frequent  auto accident injuries our family chiropractor sees. These injuries occur during impact of an accident. It may surprise you, but musculoskeletal damage can occur even when you are hit at low speeds, due to the high amount of force experienced during impact. 

Whiplash is frequently a result of an auto accident. Whiplash is a type of neck strain, which will continue to worsen until you treat it at the source. One of the easiest and most effective way to treat whiplash is through chiropractic whiplash treatment. While traditional medicine focuses on medication to simply ignore the pain, our Stillwater family chiropractor focuses on restoring the neck's alignment so your body can heal naturally. 

How Our Family Chiropractor Provides Whiplash Treatment and Neck Pain Relief in Stillwater

Our chiropractors will begin with a comprehensive wellness assessment to discover the extent of your health and the impact of your auto accident injuries. Once our chiropractor have made an assessment they will utilize a variety of treatment options such as spinal decompression treatments, chiropractic adjustments, cold laser therapy and corrective excises to relieve neck and back pain naturally. Our care is always tailored to your unique needs and we will tailor a plan to ensure swift and long lasting relief after an auto accident injury in Stillwater. 

Spinal decompression treatments reverse compression in the spine, which could have been caused by the accident.  Chiropractic adjustments relieve inflammation and pain by restoring the alignment of your spine and firing up your nervous system. Every adjustment takes stress off of your muscles, reduces pain and inflammation, and increases mobility. With your nervous system is attuned, your body will work to  heal its injuries naturally and you'll recover much faster. We may recommend corrective exercises which can play an important role in helping you regain pain-free control of your body. We will also offer lifestyle advice and provide you with wellness tips to work toward recovery!

See a Stillwater Family Chiropractor

Are you ready to see our chiropractor for back and neck pain relief in Stillwater? Call us at 651-430-2727 to set up your appointment. 


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